We are working on a Indiegogo campaign to underwrite text message cost of using Next2.us.  If you can help us by providing a mobile with reliable data and power connection in Africa please sign-up with name and location at our web site: http://m.next2.us  and we’ll include you in our upcoming campaign.  We are initially interested in countries in West and East Africa but the goal of Next2 is to have free local access number in all countries as provided by friends and supporters.  Please consider being a friend by helping us in your town, village or country.   

We can customize the features of Next2 to specific audiences and communities.  Sign-up and we’ll contact you.

Geofence messaging

Next2 users can signal what they have, want or would like to talk about or buy or sell and Next2 automatically matches and exchanges messages between users without revealing their mobile phone number or email address.  Geofence an area around your location and Next2 shares your content with those nearby.  Learn more.

SMS Autoreponders

Are perfect for alerts, updates, instructions and information about your organization or business. Set up a SMS autoreponder by logging in to your Next2 account and creating keyword and keyword messages that work with your Next2 account name.   Anyone can get immediate access to your content using our GET SMS command.    Learn more.

SMS Phone Numbers

Are used to send and receive text messages using Next2 service.  We turn smartphones with data connection into gateways connected to our cloud solution to quickly and cost effectively offer SMS services anywhere in the world..  Learn more.

Mobile Apps

We are focused on building mobile apps for the hundreds of millions of simple feature phones in Africa and other emerging markets.  These simple to use but robust mobile apps integrate with our message match and autoresponder features to connect people together and to the businesses and organization they rely on.  Learn more.