Hyperlinks to Feb/March 2013 news articles on Africa news, mobile and agriculture

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African Agriculture Global Vision blog, Rural Youth Seek Greener Pastures in the City, but Farming Could Get Hot. Feb 4, 2013 AllAfrica:  Africa: Changing How Food Aid Is Allocated ‘May Save More Lives’  March 4, 2013 Guardian, Poverty Matters Blog, Are women the secret weapon in the battle for food security? March 5, 2013 The World Bank, Africa’s Agriculture and [...]

African News Innovation Challenge Update

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Mark you calendar’s for September 10th, when the African News Innovation Challenge finalist will be announced during the annual HighwayAfrica conference in South Africa per News Challenge Facebook message you can read here. If you interested in state of art analysis of African news organization see this great report from same great folks running news challenge.  I’ve [...]


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Large networks of engaged users in Africa (part 2) — mobile money.

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Thus solution (M-Pesa) aimed at improving economic activity for the poor needed ‘non poor’ actors in the ecosystem in order to inject cash into the system and thus make it flow and grow initially. Niti Bhan writing in Afrinnovator, March 5, 2012 This is a continuation in our thinking about how large networks of engaged users will [...]

Large networks of engaged users in Africa

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Fred Wilson, of Union Street Ventures (Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr), often talks about their investment thesis of “building large networks of connected (engaged) uses.”  These new markets are a “networked” architecture rather then a hierarchical model.  And, rather then looking for startups that sell software, or services, to established market participants, they look for startups that enable [...]

Simple QR codes by SMS

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QR codes (Quick Response Codes) are convenient way to access information on mobile phones. When you scan or read a QR code with your iPhone, Android or other camera-enabled Smartphone, you can link to digital content on the web; activate a number of phone functions including email, IM and SMS; and connect the mobile device to [...]