Growing gardens: The story of Lydiah Kathamibi, Meru, Kenya

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  This is not just a story about one farmer in Meru, Kenya that grew her business from selling vegetables from baskets to supplying produce to supermarkets. This is a story about women, banking and employment in Africa. Lydiah began selling vegetables in a basket and later graduated to pushing a wheelbarrow in the streets [...]

Foreign Earnings by U.S. Corporations are not Foreign

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The New York Times has article online today How to Unlock That Stashed Foreign Cash By Jeff Sommer, March 23, 2013 that explains all kinds of tax and finance machinations that policy makers and company directors should consider to ‘repatriate’ profits earned in foreign countries and supposedly stashed overseas.  What the article fails to point out [...]

African Agriculture Links for end March 2013

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Transforming lives through improved access to agricultural education in Africa, 21 March 2013, NRI.Org, via @MPULEinstitute At an event hosted by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Agriculture & Food for Development at the Houses of Parliament on 19th March participants discussed how the use of open educational resources (OER) can dramatically widen access to [...]

Compilation of Infographics of African Technology by Emeka Okoye

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Emeka has pulled together a wide range (and possibly the definitive list) of interesting infographics on African technology on his Pinterest page. If you produce infographic about African Technology, or know of other infographics that Emeka should include; please leave a comment below.  

Hyperlinks to Feb/March 2013 news articles on Africa news, mobile and agriculture

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African Agriculture Global Vision blog, Rural Youth Seek Greener Pastures in the City, but Farming Could Get Hot. Feb 4, 2013 AllAfrica:  Africa: Changing How Food Aid Is Allocated ‘May Save More Lives’  March 4, 2013 Guardian, Poverty Matters Blog, Are women the secret weapon in the battle for food security? March 5, 2013 The World Bank, Africa’s Agriculture and [...]