Hyperlinks to Feb/March 2013 news articles on Africa news, mobile and agriculture

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African Agriculture

Global Vision blog, Rural Youth Seek Greener Pastures in the City, but Farming Could Get Hot. Feb 4, 2013

AllAfrica:  Africa: Changing How Food Aid Is Allocated ‘May Save More Lives’  March 4, 2013

Guardian, Poverty Matters Blog, Are women the secret weapon in the battle for food security? March 5, 2013

The World Bank, Africa’s Agriculture and Agribusiness Markets Set to Top US$ One Trillion in 2030, March 4, 2013

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Impatient Optimists,  Farmers Deserve Options  March 06, 2013

GSMA mAgri blog, February 8, 2013: The potential of mobile phones in transforming agriculture for smallholder farmers: Results from the Agri-Fin Mobile product development and baseline surveys 

Business Fights Poverty blog (discussion with comments), Feb 26, 2013 Barbara Crowther: Making international supply chains work for smallholder farmers

Global Vision: Two ways to get farm loans where they’re needed most: the boonies.  By Jessica Perkins, March 4, 2013

SciDevNet: The adaptation of scientific findings to local needs is key to improving the economic impact of research funding in developing countries, according to an independent evaluation of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency’s (SIDA) innovation programmes. Knowledge adaptation key to local innovation, finds reviewRachel Mundy, 27 February 2013

Agri4Africa.com: Five reasons why companies and small-scale farmers are not in business together, BY KATE DOUGLAS | 4 JANUARY 2013, Integrating these farms into value chains not only promises to provide new sources for agricultural products, but will also enable smallholders to purchase better inputs and raise investment levels, thus creating market opportunities for input providers,” argued the report. “Inclusive agribusiness practices thus create business growth opportunities for smallholders and companies alike.

New Agriculturist, Community-based extension improves livelihoods. February, 2013

How We Made it in Africa blog: Six companies investing in African agribusiness, and what we can learn from them, Feb 27, 2013

 Africa News

The Next Web Blog: Why winning in African tech is a patience game, by Nmachi Jidenma,  March 10, 2013

MIT Technology Review: The World’s “Young and Hungry”: Where Real Mobile Innovation Will  Come From. Feb 26, 2015   Companies are scrambling to develop products and operating systems for the developing world, but any old phone will do.

Mara Online, Plingm To Start Free Calling, Texting Service In Africa, February 22, 2013  VENTURES AFRICA – Mara Online and Plingm, the Swedish mobile VoIP application provider, have formed a strategic partnership to market a free mobile VoIP app called Mara ConnectTM, allowing smartphone and tablet users across Africa to call and text for free, both domestically and internationally.

Memeburn: 3 things Mobile Web East Africa taught us about the state of tech in Africa, Feb 28, 2013  1) Africa needs trade not aid, 2) Disrupting traditional film, and 3) Get Africa reading

How We Made it in Africa blog: Three mega-trends fueling investor interest in Africa, Feb 18, 2013

Interesting and important blog article on incubators versus makerspaces: Close the Incubators and Accelerators, Open FabLabs and MakerSpaces instead By: Mawuna Remarque Koutonin, February 20th, 2013 at Silicon Africa blog.

Mail Guardian, Africa, Text messages help fight cholera in Mozambique, Feb 21, 2013, Jinty Jackson

The Economist, Transport in Africa, Get a move on. Africa’s booming economy needs modern trade routes Feb 16th 2013, by Wadi Halfa

Aid 2.0: mobile relief application expanding into a global market  Published: 21 February 2013.  Something as technologically basic as SMS has had a significant impact on the speed and quality of our relief operations,” says Will Rogers, IFRC coordinator for beneficiary communication and one of the original TERA collaborators.

From recent 2013 Mobile World Live convention in Barcelona:

Telcom operators urged to lead cloud services revolution.  Mobile Word Live, Feb 27, 2013

Nokia and Bharti eye next billion Internet connections, February 26, 2013

On Linux Smartphone Hands-on with the Ubuntu Touch Linux smartphone Infoworld Feb 22, 2014 article


Study of mesh-casting (free communication between phones) in Port Harcourt, Nigeria

In Nigeria Etisalat, Conviva offer web content via USSD, Feb 27, 2013


Facebook wants its app to be right in front of buyers switching from feature phones to smartphones in markets such as Latin America, Southeast Asia, Africa, and India. Facebook to Embed App in Smartphone Chips, Feb 7, 2013, The Motley Fool


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