A SMS to IP messaging bridge

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Kevin Fitchard of GigaOm writes SMS 2.0 could make its first appearance at MWC

it will be interesting to see how this story plays out with operators and in the market for number of reasons.   There is not much detail but as I understand it the proposed solution both enhances SMS with features found in instant messaging, such as live, and group chat, and acts as bridge between IP based instant messaging solutions and standard old SMS.

Apparently operators will need to install equipment on their networks and update client handsets to enable richer messaging .   Most likely this will leave out simple, feature phones.

These things should really be done as standards and it looks like Mavenir gets that;

Ideally, a platform like MCM becomes part of a standard, not a proprietary and closed system, and Shubh claimed that Mavenir has the exact same aim. The problem is the standards process is slow and unwieldy.

You don’t need to wait for a standards body to provide a piece of technology that you hope will become a standard.  It will be interesting to see how open Mavenir is by providing full open technical specification and/or software code.

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