Pinwheel: Location based storytelling

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Caterina Fake new startup Pinwheel is in private beta.   Storytelling around place seems to cover a wide range of possible applications, everything from checkins, recommendations, to hyperlocal news and citizen journalism could all involve a location based, storytelling service.  I am really looking forward to how Pinwheel grows; especially after reading  Liz Gannes article in AllthingsD, Caterina Fake: Fast Growth for a New Social App Is a Very Bad Thing

Caterine advice seems to contradict common perceptions about how to provide value to users (and investors) in networked based applications. Now when you are proven entity that can raise capital it makes it easier to do it right. And, I think Caterina’s plans, to grow slowly, so you can learn, adapt, set rules, change and not overwhelm your audience makes sense.

However, the problem in building networked businesses is providing value to users from day 1 that is not derived from the “network” of users (ie lots of content from people that have not yet arrived and participated). Very few people take time to contribute to something that may have value in the future.

Likewise, in building networks of users, traction is important to investors — but, I don’t think Caterina has to worry about that.

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