A software company focused on providing advanced communication services to people and organizations in emerging markets — primarily in Africa.

Next2 was built on the premise that people that live and work near each other most likely share common characteristics and information needs.  Therefore, when seeking information it makes sense to look to those nearby first for answers.  Further, we feel that “location” like Google  ”PageRank” and more recently “social” is an important internet “filter” that when appropriately used can help “sift” through the vast amounts of information  – quickly and efficiently.  At Next2 we have build “location” into a smart platform to create “geosocial networks” where subscribers can share and control their content based on proximity between users.

Next2 does this by;

  • Enabling users of even simple mobile phones to discover, share and publish information to others and to the internet.
  • Enabling content creators to easily and cost effectively distribute information by SMS to their core audience.
  • Creating local access points across the continent where feature phone users can send and receive text messages for free!

The core lesson from the proliferation of mobile phones in poor countries is not about technology. It is about economics. When people use mobile phones to connect with each other, they make better use of their time, miss fewer opportunities, and achieve and earn more. As a result, ordinary people have more money to spend on the very services that make them more efficient and productive in the first place. Professor Iqbal Z. Quadir Founder of Grameenphone