Next2′s mission is to create social and economic value for its users by connecting them to people and organizations nearby with whom they share common interests or concerns.  Although anyone in the world can benefit from Next2′s “geosocial connectedness” the software was developed to allow people and organizations in over-looked and under-served communities to create meaningful “networks” using simple phones and SMS messaging technology.

Next2′s mission is to:

Make the lives of people at the base-of-the-pyramid (BoP) significantly better

by enabling them to discover, connect, communicate and thereby mobilize local solutions to local problems.

Give underserved and over-looked populations an internet presence

and messaging identity that creates a bridge between them and internet users.

Empower local channel marketing partners

to introduce Next2 to the communities they serve to quickly and aggressively drive content creation, content distribution and grow significant value for Next2 subscriber, partners and advertisers.

Build SMS, access phone number(s) across the African continent

so network subscribers can conduct cross border communication and trade to foster regional markets and economic development in agricultural and other industries.

Enable brands, entrepreneurs, businesses, NGOs, government agencies

researchers and advertisers to reach Next2 users and/or incorporate Next2′s communication platform, features and/or data in their own applications.