Next2 is out to disrupt the SMS shortcode and keyword industry by delivering a fully automated, cloud based solution that requires no monthly fees or contracts on an easy-to-use network software platform.

FREE SMS shared shortcode

1 Most providers charge $50 to $100 per month (and setup fees) for a shared shortcode. Next2 charges no setup or monthly fee. Text messages to and from our shortcode are free (standard rate as charged by your mobile network operator do apply). Details

FREE SMS keyword autoresponders

2 With Next2 you can set up an unlimited number of keywords to work with our shortcode and your Next2 identity (user name). Details

Smart application

3 On top of our network we’ve built place based software that allows users to discover, share and connect with other users around a location and common topics of interest. Details

SMS bridge to Internet

4 Next2 subscribers can create an Internet page and receive and send messages with Internet users using only SMS enabled mobile phones.

Cross border SMS messaging

5 Next2 subscribers can text message any other Next2 user irrespective of location at standard text message rates.

Automated solution

6 There is no special software or expertise required to use Next2.  You can register by SMS or mobile web and create your SMS keyword and messages online.

Cloud infrastructure

7 Next2 is hosted on Amazon’s cloud infrastructure to deliver superior up-time and performance and scale.

And all of Next2 features and services are free to use during our beta test period.  After the beta period subscribers will only pay a modest montly fee to create Next2 keyword auto-messages  All other features will be free to use.