Why give out your mobile phone number when you can give out your Next2 name (identity) and our shortcode instead. Your Next2 identity acts as both a web address and a text message address.

Web Identity

Your Next2 identity acts like a web page ( address. You can publish content using either mobile web or by text message. People can contact you using your Next2 web page. You can register your mobile and receive and respond to new messages using SMS. Or you can use Next2 messaging feature online to read and and reply to messages. Either way your email address and mobile phone number are never revealed or shared with others.

SMS Identity

When you set up an account with Next2 you do three things.  You give us your mobile number (never shared), a name your want to use (identity) and your location.  We then create text message identity for you using the name you provide where you can send and receive text messages using our SMS shortcode.

Anyone can then send you a text message using our shorcode phone number and your Next2 name.  If you are a SMS user the message comes to your mobile phone where you can reply using our shortcode without revealing your mobile phone number.  If you are a mobile web user the message can be found after logging in.  You can use Next2′s Message section to read and reply to incoming text messages.

Your Next2 identity also acts as a web page and you can use it to automatically exchange either public or private messages with other subscribers using Next2′s Geo SMS service.