Geo Social

Discover and share content with others nearby

Next2 automatically connects people together around place and common topics of interest.  Signal what you havewant or would like to discuss and Next2 software automatically exchanges your message with others nearby that share your common interest or concerns. You may post a message for exchange by SMS, or by logging in to Next2 or if you are in Kenya use our free  Mobile Application.


1When you post a message the software looks for a match based on common location, overlap of sharing circle and use of keywords.  When a match is found the messages are automatically exchanged between users. You receive their message and they receive yours — irrespective of how the message was created –mobile web, SMS or using Next2′s mobile application.

When you choose to post a public message it appears at your Next2 web page.  Public messages are also organized by location and topic at the Next2 web site. Or choose to exchange private messages with other users that never appear online and are only exchanged with other private messages.

Message Match Technology

2In addition to common location and overlap of sharing circle(s), Next2 uses a dual-keyword matching system to determine which messages are exchanged between users. First determine whether your want to post a public message or private message.  Then signal the “intent” of the post by using one of our three “purpose” words. Current purpose words are have, want or discuss. The purpose word is then followed by a topic keyword or phrase. Next2 then uses the type of post (public or private) the purpose word (have, want or discuss) and a match on the topic keyword or phrase to determine which messages are exchanged between which users.

When using the mobile web a user fills out a form by selecting the purpose word from a list and entering their keyword or phrase and then their message. The same is true when using Next2′s mobile application. SMS users format their text messages by entering the pulbic or private post command (addp or addpp) at the beginning of their text message, followed by a purpose word, followed by their topic keyword or phrase and then the content of their message.

Near-Time Processing

3Approximately at the start of each hour Next2 gathers all new messages for processing and exchange. The software determines which messages match and automatically exchanges them between users. If no match is found the message is processed again for a match for a period of two weeks. After two weeks if no match is found the message is no longer included in new message processing.

Our use of your Next2 identity in messaging ensures the privacy of your mobile phone number or your email address.

Screen shots shown are: 1) private post from mobile web, 2) private post from mobile application on phone and 3) browsing topics by subject.  Not shown is posting for message exchange by SMS.