SMS autoresponders

SMS autoresponders allow you to create and serve on-demand content available anytime, anywhere by SMS. No one provides multiple keywords and the software to automatically text back your custom content in one, automated, easy-to-use package like Next2.


Create an unlimited number of keywords and a per keyword message of up to 800 characters!

SMS keyword autoresponders are text messages that are automatically returned to a mobile phone when a wordor phrase is sent to a SMS shortcode.  They are a great way to provide instant, easily accessibly, up-to-date information in a proven, popular way — by SMS.

How Next2 autoresponders work.

With Next2 you use our free SMS shortcode(s) plus your Next2 identity and our SMS get command to push content by text message to people that request it.  Anyone can text get followed by your identity (Next2 account name) followed by one of your keywords to any of our SMS shortcodes, and Next2:

1. Immediately sends back your keyword message content by SMS

You can create as many keywords as you like to work with your Next2 identity.  And, the autoresponders software can return up 5 text messages (800 characters) per keyword.  When anyone texts get identity keyword we return that keywords messages.

2. Enroll new user in Next2

When someone texts a get request the first thing we do is check if they are a registered Next2 user.  If they are not yet registered we enroll them in the Next2 service and send them an identity and a password for their account. 

3. Save get requests to your Next2 account

Next2 saves the identity and your keyword requested to your Next2 account. You can use Next2′s Message feature to see who has requested what information and follow-up by sending a text message to their identity using either your mobile phone or Next2′s easy web2txt messaging form.

Text get identity to one of our shortcodes to get back a text message containing the keywords that work with your Next2 identity.  Then text get identity keyword to get that keyword’s messages.

To create you keyword list and keyword message just login to your Next2 account and select MyFiles from the menu list.

Who should use autoresponders?

SMS autoresponders are great for both professional and personal use.  From leading brands to local recreational sports teams; each can benefit from the popularity and immediacy of text messaging.

Why should you use autoresponders?

Text auto-messaging is fast, immediate and private.  With the popularity of mobile phones and the fact that even basic simple phones can send and receive text messages, services ever organization that needs to stay in touch with their customers, suppliers and employees should consider the benefits of text messaging.

Text messaging is on the go!  People can send and receive text message anywhere, anytime.

Text message can replace email. With the average text message read within 15 seconds its one of the best ways to distribute important timely information in a way that is sure to be noticed.

Text message at point of sale.  Reach your customers where and when they are ready to buy by providing current content immediately to a customers mobile phone.  Get your customers to opt-in to your text message service by soliciting their enrollment at point of sale.

How should you use autoresponders?

SMS autoresponders can have a range of uses from providing basis information to soliciting feedback, contests, coupons, awards the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

How to get started.

Its fast and easy to create your keyword list and messages.  Just login to Next2 and select MyFiles.