SMS Phone Numbers

Use Next2 to market your organization or product or service to mobile users, manage communication with your customers, organization or community and as a convenient, timely way to get mobile users to access your content by SMS.

We are actively looking for people to install our Next2 app and share their mobile number to send and receive text messages.  If you are interested in providing local number for people to use please email brian <AT> Next2 . us

We are working on a KICKSTARTER campaign to underwrite the costs of providing a SMS gateway but we need supports in different countries to bring up the first number that people can use.

The benefits of using Next2 SMS text number for text messaging include:

  • Free for organization or customer’s professional or personal use.
  • No software to install or integrate.
  • Private opt-in service protects your customers’ privacy.
  • Offer SMS service in any country in which we operate.
  • Send and reeive text messages from browser by using the Next2 web site to send and receive text messages.
  • Your content is available anywhere we operate via SMS text messaging or mobile web.