Cloud based, custom software solution is hosted on Amazon’s EC2 service and integrated with SMS short/long codes in the countries in which we operate. This allows Next2 to offer an end-to-end total solution that provides access to our network by SMS, internet of native mobile applications.

Next2′s software provides the following features.


1allows subscribers to create an internet home page and publish content; even from non-internet enabled mobile devices. Subscribers have a high degree of control over how their content is shared. The software also provides a location based, indexed catalogue of subscriber content organized by location and subject topics.


2allows subscribers to communicate with other subscribers without revealing their email address or mobile phone number.


3allows subscribers’ content to be organized, indexed and automatically exchanged among subscribers based on subscribes’ location, message content and privacy settings.


4allows subscribers to access Company infrastructure, software and services by SMS, internet and/or native mobile applications.